You want to get more customers
RFS puts your business in front of people who are actively searching for fresh pet food products and services.
You want more visibility in the community of real food feeders
RFS is the only online directory focused on people who feed real food to their dogs and cats in the US and Canada.
You want to improve your local search results
Online listings, or “citations,” are an important signal to Google that your business is real, and they factor highly in Google’s ranking algorithm for local search results. Niche directories such as Raw Food Sources are one of the best places to get a citation for your business.
You want to offer your customers another option for reviewing your business online
Getting reviews on a diversity of websites can improve the search results for your brand, provide more choices for your customers, and improve results from your RFS listing.
You want to spend your online marketing dollars wisely
RFS is a bargain compared to other forms of web marketing. Fore example, Adwords’ cost per click in this niche can run from $2 to $5 per click or more (not to mention the cost of setup, management, proper keyword selection, etc.)
You want to create diverse online traffic sources rather than depend entirely on your website’s Google rankings.
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is as true for online marketing as for other aspects of life. Search results, primarily from Google, represent the vast majority of traffic to most small business websites, with social media sites a distant second. It can be a challenge for small businesses to find alternative sources of targeted traffic, unless your business appeals to real food feeders. Then there is Raw Food Sources!

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