Here are a few guidelines for optimizing your business listing in the RFS Directory. View a comparison table of our Listing Packages.

Image Sizes

Maximum file size is 2MB for each uploaded image.

The first image uploaded will be used as the “featured” image and it will appear on all listing pages and in site search. Typically this image will be your business name and/or logo for brand identification.

To avoid having your image cropped, please upload an image that has an aspect ratio of 3:2. Below are some pixel dimension in W x H that fit this aspect ratio. Larger images dimensions will usually mean higher quality across the site. If your logo displays clearly within one of these image sizes, it will work well across the site.

800×600 pixels
600×400 pixels
400×250 pixels
300×200 pixels
150×100 pixels

The number of images allowed depends on your listing package:

Special Offers

With a “Whole Hog” listing you can create Special Offers; see the field at the bottom of the listing form. The content entered will be displayed on a separate “Special Offers” tab on your listing detail page. It’s a great way to encourage sales. Also, offering 10% off (for example) with a particular coupon code can give help you track how much actual business is generated from your RFS Listing.

Your Listing Description

The text in the Description field is displayed on the detail page for the listing and as an excerpt in “list view” on directory pages and in site search, so it can help get you noticed and encourage visitors to visit your detail page. The first sentence of your Description should give a concise summary of your business and/or its unique offerings. Other specific recommendations for content are included under Category Selection below.

Website links and images are not allowed in the Description field, but you may add other formatting such as bold, italic, and lists.

The allowed length of the description is determined by the listing package:

Category Selection

Allowed categories by listing type:

Bare Bones – 1 category
Nibble – 1 category
Meaty – 2 categories
Whole Hog – unlimited categories

When applying more than one category, you will have the option to select a “default” category. This category will be used in the URL for your listing page and in breadcrumbs.

Below are some guidelines on how to select the most appropriate category for your business, and tips on writing good descriptions for your listing.

Butchers / Meat Markets

If you process or sell meat, this is the category for you. Please include in the description (if applicable) whether you create your own ground pet blends, the types of meat you offer, and the sources for your meat.

Manufacturers / Packagers (Raw, Fresh Cooked, Premixes)

Companies that make complete diets of raw or freshly cooked food, or that package unprocessed foods. There are three subcategories: Fresh Cooked, Premixes, and Raw. The description can include details of your products and unique attributes of your business.

Independent Pet Retailers

This category is for stores with a physical location. Please include in the description the types of food products you offer. If your website has a page dedicated to food, you may wish to link directly to that page rather than your home page.

Pet Treat Manufacturers

Please include in your description why guardians who feed raw or cook for their pets would like your treats. Information about your ingredients and sourcing is also appreciated.

Supplement Makers

Please include in your description why guardians who feed raw or cook for their pets would like your supplements and/or how they would use them. Information about your ingredients and sourcing is also appreciated.

Meat Farmers

You may wish you include in your description the types of meat you provide, how your animals are raised and processed, and whether you can sell in quantity to food or treat manufacturers.

Nutrition Consultants

We request that consultants listed here be willing to advise on home-prepared diets, but understand that your recommendations may not be limited to home-prepared diets. Please include details of your history and qualifications in your description, along with details of your services for real food feeders.

Buying Groups / Co-Ops

Get new members with a listing on Raw Food Sources. To receive the best response you may wish to include in your description the geographic area you serve and information about sourcing, products, and distribution.

Training / Boarding Facilities

Only training facilities that sell real food for pets or provide other nutrition services will be included in the directory. Please include details of your food offerings in the description. If your website has a page dedicated to food offerings, then you may wish to link to that page in the Website field, rather than your home page.

Boarding facilities should only submit a listing if you support raw or homemade diets.

Good Causes

Listings for pet health non-profits and rescue/shelter organizations are free. Please select a Whole Hog listing and enter GOODCAUSE as the Coupon Code on the Checkout page.