What is Raw Food Sources?

Raw Food Sources is an online directory of suppliers and resources for people who feed their dogs and cats real food, raw or cooked.

Feeding “real food” can mean anything from a raw homemade diet to occasionally supplementing kibble with fresh foods. It is a spectrum, and no matter where you may fall on it, if you have an interest in feeding real food – raw or cooked – you are welcome here.

We use “raw” in our name because all real food starts with raw ingredients (and “raw food sources” just sounds better than “real food sources,” don’t you think?).

Raw Food Sources does not promote any one type of diet but focuses on providing access to a wide range of sources that can help pet guardians make choices that fit their budget and inclinations.

We also want to make it easier for local, independent businesses who support real food feeders to reach their target market. The more we work together to increase the visibility of our sector of the pet food industry, the healthier it will be for people, local businesses and animals.

Raw Food Sources provides real food choices. A pet parent may want to:

  • learn about local manufacturers of raw or cooked pet diets
  • source organ meat from grass-fed animals for a homemade diet
  • find an independent pet store that carries real food products, natural supplements and treats
  • find nutrition consultants for a pet with special needs
  • find exotic meats for an allergic dog from a local butcher
  • buy in bulk from a local farmer
  • get more information about supplements that could help balance a diet or potentially treat specific conditions

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About the Founder

Luke and VickiVicki Mills began developing Raw Food Sources because she wanted to find a faster, cheaper, better way to feed a home-prepared diet to her (then) puppy Luke. He started off on kibble, but had chronic digestive problems which resolved immediately when he was fed real food. Vicki’s background is in web marketing and search engine optimization and she created the site to help herself and others get easier access to locally based providers and suppliers.

Help Us Spread the Word

The movement toward more local, whole, and sustainable food sources holds promise as a way of feeding ourselves and our pets healthier food. Please help us further development of this segment of the pet food world in the US and Canada by spreading the word about the Directory. Invite your suppliers to create listings here so that we can develop a comprehensive resource and help our animals, our community and our planet thrive.

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